Are you looking for a babysitter?

We can provide a perfect babysitting service for you!

We have a strong partnership with Japanese babysitters.

Most of them are skillful mums.
We also have Uni-students who are well experienced babysitters.
They all hold WWC(Working With Children Check).

Our babysitters can look after your child(ren) at the place that is convienient for you.

How to book?


Contact us
Fill the Contact form below and let us know the details.


Matching a babysitter
We will contact you to make sure your requirements is correct and start looking for a babysitter.


When we match a suitable babysitter for your child(ren), we will send you an application form.


Once we receive your application form, we will finalise the contract. If it’s your first time to use our company we will send you a $30 invoice as deposit.


We will send you a reminder a couple of days prior to the scheduled time.


Payment can be made by credit card or via bank transfer after the babysitting is concluded. We will send you an invoice after babysitting is finished.

*Step 3 only for the first time. From the second time, just contact us with details of your requirements and we will allocate our babysitter.



Basic ChargeOptional FeeTravel Fee
*10% GST (Goods and Services Tax) will be added.

Basic Charge

This charge is for babysitting at your home.

Weekday(8am~6pm) every 1hour $27.5
Weekday night time/ealry morning(6pm~10pm/6am~8am) every 1hour $30
Weekday late night(10pm~6am) every 1hour $35
pick up and drop off service by a car/ public transportation(minimun 30min) $35/ 1time($10 will be added every 15min more than 30min)
Weekend/Public Holiday Weekday Fee +$5

minimun time: 1hour(*for pick up and drop off service: 30min)
For bookings made within 2 hours, we will charge for the time even if the babysitting finishes early.

Optional Charge

Additional charges for siblings up to 3hrs (added to the overall price)
1 sibling:$10 2 siblings:$15
more than 3hrs (added to the overall price)
1 sibling:$20 2 siblings:$30
Additional charges for friends up to 3hrs (added to the overall price)$15/1 child
(added to the overall price)$30/1 child
Outdoor care / pick up and drop off by walking per hour $5
Outside Play *up to 1hour $10
Baby bathing(up to around 1st birthday)
*for the baby who can’t stand alone
Shower assistance $10

Travel fee

Travel fee $5~

Emergency arrangement fee

Request within 2 days prior to the date of babysitting $25
Request on the day before $35
Request on the day $50

Cancell Fee

*These do not apply if there are unavoidable circumstances such as a sudden change in the schedule due to a lockdown notification. Please contact us.

Cancellation 2 days prior to the date of babysitting $25
Cancellation on the day before 50% of the total amount (*1)
Cancellation on the day 100% of the total amount (*2)

* Please click the “Note on use” button at the bottom of this page in the reference to counting the days for cancellation.
*1 If the charge is less than $30, $30 will be applied.
*2 If the charge is less than $50, $50 will be applied.

When using in a group of friends
Up to 3 children can be accommodated per babysitter in charge only for indoor (1 place) care. However, as a general rule, the number of children under the age of 3 is limited to 2 per babysitter in charge. (Please contact us if you have siblings included) If you have 4 or more children, or 3 or more children under 3 years old, the number of babysitters in charge will increase according to the above rules.

Payment method

We will send you an invoice after the service.
You can choose from the Bank Transfer and Creditcard payment.

the notes on use

Cancellation / Emergency Arrangement
*This does not apply to cancellations due to unavoidable circumstances such as changes in schedule due to sudden lockdown notifications, so please contact us.
For the cancellation / emergency arrangement we will treat it as the day when you contact us before 6pm, and if you contact us after 6pm, we will treat it as on the next business day.

Two days before (2 business days before): From 6pm on 3 days before the date of use to 6pm the day before the day of use (business days excluding weekends and holidays)
The day before (1 business day before): From 6pm 2days before the day of use to 6pm the day before the day of use (business days excluding weekends and holidays)
On the day: After 6pm on the day before the day of use (business days excluding weekends and holidays)

Ex) If you plan to use it on Tuesday, the day before the previous day will be from 6pm on Thursday of the previous week to 6pm on Friday.

Click here for cancellation fee and emergency arrangement fee.

*The time division between the day and the day before is based on Yu & amp; Mie’s business days and hours (9am-6pm / excluding weekends and holidays).

We accept reservations via the application form or email 24 hours a day. If you contact us during business hours, we will usually reply within 3 hours. If you contact us outside business hours, we will reply to you on the next business day.


Outdoor Care
“Outside play” to play vigorously in parks etc. is limited to 1 hour. In bad weather (extreme heat, extreme cold, heavy rain, strong winds, etc.), we may refuse “outdoor care” including “outdoor play”, walking in a stroller, and transportation on foot.


Extention time requested on the day
Requests for extension on the day will be accepted only when the person in charge is convenient.


changing the starting time
If the babysitter does not meet the schedule and needs to be changed to another babysitter, it will be treated as a cancellation.

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